Al Perkins learned the art of leather crafting as a boy under the watchful eye of his father, a Master Craftsman. Life took him in a different direction from his father’s shop, but he never lost the desire to create with his hands. After taking an early retirement Al studied English saddle making under a Master Saddler from England. This provided him with a skill in English saddlery in addition to his extensive background in Western saddlery. Living in Virginia, in the heart of horse country, he was inspired to dust off his tools and set up shop. Al operated Perkins Leather Shop in Lexington, Virginia, for several years and is now located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Al brings old world craftsmanship to each of his creations. He has an extensive background in both Western and English tack. Perkins Leather Shop offers fine custom leather goods with an exceptional attention to detail.